Monday, July 23, 2012

Quick update

I started writing a quick update in my Facebook page, and then I thought let's write a little more, and make it a post for my blog.

It's been a rough week. With each round you get more and more tired. I felt tired most of the time in this past week. In the previous 3 rounds I felt fine after 3-4 days. I had no problem going out to Starbucks, to eat, and to buy groceries. This time around I was just sitting at home watching TV throughout most of the whole week. Watching mostly Giants baseball (what a team baby yeah!) and shows about food and cooking. Also parts of movies. Parts because now that I have cable there are so many movies at the same time, so I keep switching when commercials are on or if I'm bored with one.

I had a little fever these past few days, luckily not high enough to rush to the ER. Some more serious and annoying mouth sores than before (it's one of the side effects). This week I'm supposed to have a CT scan that will tell me about the progress of the treatment. Then on the 30th going in for the fifth round of chemo. After that there should be only one more round.

Because I'm not doing much, I have too much time to think. And I've been thinking about negative things like disappointment with some friends. I finally decided to email and tell some of those friends instead of telling them in some imaginary conversation in my head. I got some quick responds which taught me good valuable lessons. I'm also waiting on some friends, and sadly it's been a few days. But lets focus on the those who responded quickly Ilan... I'm in the process of writing another post about this topic, what I learned and more. I hope to finish it in 2-3 days.

shrimp pasta I made two weeks ago

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