Monday, July 30, 2012

Random pictures

Since I didn't finish the post I was talking about previously, I decided I'll take a break from text, and talk with pictures. I go in tomorrow for another 5 days of chemo. Round 5, one before last.

My nephew - he just woke up.

Golden Gate Bridge - Hard to get a sunny day at the bridge.

With my niece - NO! It's mine.

At the computer museum.

Sitting on Hugs - this was when I just moved in to the apartment.

These bean bags can shape up to pretty much any shape you want.
Check out this video to get the idea.

the inside of a projectionist room.

installing lamps

molten lava cake - one of my favorite desserts.

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium

someone left these scratches nicely stacked at Safeway.
I took them home and entered their code for a shot at the 2nd chance draw. 

The inside of a walking escalator.
It broke down when I was at the airport.

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