Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My blog's name

If you're wondering about the name, let me tell you. At first I wanted something sarcastic and funny (that might sound pessimistic), and this is some of the names I came up with:


All of these, by the way, are available for purchase, at least the last time I checked.

But ha ha, funny for a moment, funny for the first time. However, having to look at a title like this every time I want to write a new post is probably not the best idea. Subconsciously, it is probably very damaging.

So then I thought I need something more general that somewhat explains the purpose of my blog, and I came up with these cheesy ideas:


Later I was chatting with my cousin, asking him for ideas, and one of the ideas he came up with was "Ilan Yohasin" which means "family tree." And he explained this one as "it's like a tree of the whole family, but here it a tree about Ilan, Ilan's life." My name in Hebrew means "tree." So that idea made me come up with the name I have now. My cousin's idea had life and tree, so I made it "The Ilan of Life." I quickly decided to omit the "the," and made it simply "Ilan of Life." I like it, it's short, easy to remember (once you learn my beautiful name), and it has a nice ring to it.

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