Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Plan of Attack

I saw one of my doctor today specializing in oncology. She offered a few chemo options, and we agreed on the one that contains three different drugs. I will be alternating them. 6 cycles, every 3 weeks. I will have to stay in the hospital 5 days every time because there are lots of side affects. She recommend this specific chemo because the results are good. I think she said 40% chances it will reduce the malignant parts of the tumor. I hope it won't be too annoying and exhausting staying 5 days at the hospital every time. But it is what it is, at least for now, that's the best choice. I hope it will work, and I won't have to try another chemo which would mean more time lost. I think the CT scan after the first two weeks would be nerve racking. The scan will show if the chemo is working. After these 4 months of chemo, I will need to have a surgery to remove the rest of the tumor.

Before I'm starting all this chemo thing, I'm flying to Israel to visit family and friends to get some much needed energy, strength, and love. I have the most adorable niece and nephew waiting for me. They are very yummy.

This is from my last visit (my nephew and I).
I taught him how to splash,
he quickly mastered the skill,
and enjoyed using it against me.


  1. Hi Ilan,
    Sabba Benjamin would have been proud of you!!!
    and so are we!!!
    You can write...and it is a defently a Haklili's trade...
    Keep on writing and share your ideas with us and the rest of the world.
    We love you and are positivly sure you will win again like you have done in the past.
    Enjoy Israel...it will always be home for you and the rest of us who live abroad.
    Big huggs from all of us in Los Angeles
    Uncle Nir

  2. Thank you Nir, send dash to everyone.