Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some pictures of food I ate in the last 3 weeks

Homemade chicken soup. Very very easy to do, and tastes very good. My mom made it after my biopsy surgery. She seasons it a little, but when I make it I don't put any seasoning. I like the natural taste of the chicken and veggies.

Since I wasn't seriously keeping a healthy diet, my mom and I went to Fresh Choice. I used to go there more often during their early bird price discount.

This one was very good. Outback's steak and lobster.

Godiva Chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, no need to say more.

The next few pictures are from Israel. This one is an all-you-can-eat mix salad appetizer. A common dish people order at mediterranean shish kebab restaurants.

Chocolate souffle with my niece, nephew, and mom. This is at Orli Cafe (a nice cafe inside the kibbutz).

Another meal from Orli's cafe. This time a shakshuka for breakfast.

Sushi with my twin cousin in Tel Aviv.

After the sushi we went for an Italian cuisine cooking workshop. There were 8 of us divided into 3 groups. Each group made something else. One of the dishes my cousins and I made was gnocchi. Someone else made the risotto and ravioli.

I stayed the night at my cousin's. We had a nice breakfast somewhere the next morning.

That day I also met with a great friend from the kibbutz who now lives in Tel Aviv. I tried this chocolaty dessert (yes I love chocolate, who doesn't? really? you don't? why?! go stand by the corner!).

Today I ate some loquat from the tree that I planted almost 15 years ago (touching, I know).

There is more stories behind most of these pictures, but I just wanted to put something quickly for now. Not feeling like elaborating too much right now. My feet and knees have started to bug me with pain the last few days, not sure way, hope it's nothing serious. Leaving Israel in 4 days.

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