Monday, June 18, 2012

The walk, the tumor, and more.

This is a great song which most of you if not all of you probably know. It's also a pretty funny clip. Listen to the song as you read on, or watch the clip before you read...

So apparently my blog keeps on circling around the web. Everyday I'm getting more and more traffic to my blog and it is a great feeling. My awesome and wonderful readers are sharing my blog on both personal and public pages. Thank you!!!

I'm very touched to see that with each day more people are liking the
blog's page on Facebook. Liking the blog's page, and what I post there, as well as commenting here on the blog is the only way for me to really know that people are reading. It is very heart warming to see I have readers from all over the place, some I know and some I don't, it's great! Thank you again!!!

Yesterday was the 2nd annual San Jose walk. It was a nice and fun turnout. This is a new group here in San Jose, so it is still growing. I think we had about 150 attendees. Out of those 150 more than 10 belonged to team "Ilan of Life." I had a family member who came all the way from Los Angeles, family members who came from Berkeley, and friends from the San Jose area. We were one of the bigger groups if not the biggest. I'd like to thank them all again for coming. Also, thanks to them, and others who couldn't attend the walk but donated money I've help raised over $700. The money will go towards research to find a cure for NF.

Team Ilan of Life
This park has lots and lots of geese. I've never seen so many at one place.

For you soccer fans, what a disappointing tournament so far huh? Ok well, I'm disappointed. I was cheering for the Netherlands to win the Euro. They were one of the favorites to win, but they blew it and lost all three games. I was also hoping maybe Sweden or Russia will win it (I made a friendly wager with some friends). Oh well. I still hope to see some exciting games, but I don't really care who wins the cup anymore.

Tomorrow I'm going in for my 3rd round of chemo. Another 5 boring days in the hospital. They have some nice activities like live music on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:30pm, but it is still easy to go nuts been pretty much chained in the room. I can walk around, and there are some very nice paintings in all the hallways, but I've seen them enough times already.

10 days ago I had a CT, and the results were good. The tumor is stable, and not growing. It is slightly smaller. The tumor hasn't shrunk as much as I thought and told whoever is following on the 
Facebook page (I misread the report). My doctor told me it takes a few months for the tumor to start shrinking. At this point no growth is good news. I'm sure I'll know more tomorrow when I see my doctor. I probably won't post another post for over a week unless something comes too me in the hospital.

Here is another nice performance by Bobby McFerrin.

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