Monday, June 4, 2012

Fruits - part 1

I love fruits. What are some of those fruits?

Yellow peach. They have this amazing sweet sourish taste. What's a little annoying with peaches is that you never know if they'll be good. Often, at least in my area, I get bad peaches. When I go to the store I buy 1-2 peaches that feel ready to eat, and a few more that need a few days to soften. Sometimes they taste great, sweet sourish taste, just perfect. Sometimes it is easy to cut them in half, and take out the seed. Other times the seed breaks in half, or won't come out. I do like white peaches as well, but much rather have yellow ones. The white ones don't have that sourish taste.

I like red grapes. They have to be seedless. The seeds are bitter, and ruin the sweetness of the grapes. The ones I buy also have a little touch of sourish taste to them. Growing up I used to only like green grapes. I think the green grapes back home are very different from the ones here. Or maybe my taste changed a little, that's definitely a possibility. I also really like a sister to these two fruits - nectarine.

Clementine. I love clementines. Of course they must be seedless. Having seeds ruins it for me. Instead of focusing on each slice's taste, I have to focus on catching the seeds, and spitting them out. With clementines like peaches you also never know. Often I get clementines that are dry, and/or tasteless.

Berries. Straw - cannot get enough of them. If you didn't know, they grow on the ground, so don't be lazy, wash them extra well, and extra long. Blue - I just recently started eating them. I think the main reason I started eating them is because of how everyone are saying how good they are the body, and all of the healthy benefits it gives. Rasp - I used to eat them a lot. Very recently I kind of got tried of them. I'm, however, putting them in fruit shakes which I drink a lot of these days.

Watermelon, both green and orange melons (if they are actually ready - meaning they are soft all the way out), kiwi, pear, and you know what I'm gonna say corn. But only a corn on a cob boiled a few minutes in water. It is debatable whether corn is a vegetable, fruits, or a grain. I think it is all 3. Corn from a can is a vegetable, corn on a cob would be a fruit, and you have the those dry corn seeds which you can use for popcorn.

There is one fruits, that most people, if not everyone but me seem to like, and that is mango. I don't know what is it. Everyone seems to love mango, it is probably a favorite of many. But I don't like mango. I think it might be something in the texture of the mango. And I think there is some bitterness in the mango that throws me off. I don't know, I just don't get the taste of mango.

Recently I've been eating lots and lots of corn. The white corn, not the yellow. The white usually comes out sweet, and not as thick as the yellow one. As a kid I loved corn. The closet city to the kibbutz was about 15 minutes from my house. There was a guy there with a corn stand. He always had this patch (no, not black like a pirate) on his eye. I think it was the left. All he had was this small cart maybe 4 feet long. And at times he would get busy. The line would be of maybe 10 people I think. He has in business for years. For years he was there, at the same corner, selling hot fresh corn. I cannot remember exactly what corner it was, but I think if I'll take a walk in that street I will be able to tell. I think at some stage in life I stopped eating corn on a cob. I didn't like it when pieces of corn would get stuck in my teeth. But I like the white corn enough to just eat it without worrying about those little annoying pieces. I just take a toothpick afterwards, and pick out those corn pieces.

Ohhh wow, I meant to talk about some exotic fruits that I would eat a lot of as a child back home. Exotic fruits that I cannot find here, and miss very much. I wanted to start just by saying some of the fruits I like that I can find here, and somehow I got carried a way, and said a lot more. Instead of continuing about these awesome exotic fruits, I'm going to break this post into two pieces. I need to find pictures of these exotic fruits that I can put in my blog, and I don't want to use pictures without permission. These next three pictures are mine though. Mmmmmm, I wish I had some from the third picture right now.

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  1. That corn stand was one or two corners after Ofra's bank, I think