Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Second round is done.

So second round is done. Finished it last Friday. It is very exhausting being at the hospital for 5 days. I feel very limited. I feel like I'm stuck, chained to a wall. Of course I can discounted this fluid giving machine from the wall, and walk around. The machine has a 5 hour long battery. But still, I feel stuck. Nothing has gone wrong so far, so I feel like there should be away to get this chemo drugs on the go. I guess perhaps because I'm young, I haven't suffered much side effects. One side effect I do get is constipation which goes away nicely after 2 days at home. That side effect, at least, tells me that I got one thing that is working very well, and is extremely healthy as of now at least, that is my digestive system. It is nice to have a well working digestive system because - sorry for the too much information - I love having a good number two.

Another side effect that I noticed is while I'm in the hospital there aren't much food I feel like eating. My taste buds are hypersensitive. For example the only avocados that I can eat are the small ones that come in a net bag. It get's better 2-3 days after I finished my chemo round. Since yesterday I've been hungry a lot. I will eat something, and after 3 hours I will start feeling hungry again. It is annoying because I want to watch TV, read a book, maybe teach myself something, and those are hard to do when I'm hungry.

I used to eat a lot. Just 2-3 years ago I would stuffed myself, chug everything down, big steaks, burgers, appetizer before, finish all the sides, and cannot skip on some hot lava cake to top it off. Since then though I started eating differently. You could say I eat more meals, but smaller ones. I don't like getting stuffed, and feeling like you feel when you shouldn't have eaten those few extra bites. Today I know where is that moment, I can control myself, and I just stop. "I enjoyed half it, I'm happy, do I really need the other half right now at this moment or am I satisfied?" That's pretty much the, by now, automatic thinking the goes on while I'm getting to that point of no return. It seems like more often than not I would take home a box with leftovers. It could be as much as half my dish. I see it also as a good way of saving money. I now have lunch for tomorrow. This meal I'm paying for is actually for two meals. I would even sometimes take a box even though what's left on my plate is less than 5 bites. Most people would just finished the plate, and then they get stuffed. I see it as a small snack I will have later. Now, with chemotherapy, and me losing weight (I'm at 59kg which is probably the lowest I weighed in over 10 years), I have to  go back to that old Ilan. My friends used to say I have a hollow leg. That was after a night we went up to San Francisco, and I was eating everything in reach. It is kind of nice though, I HAVE to eat fattening foods with tons of calories.

It's hard having you life on hold. That's what it feels like right now. There aren't many things I can do. Cannot really work because I need two weeks off every two weeks. Cannot go to school pretty much same reasons, I will miss lectures, quizzes, tests, papers' due dates. There are things I can do to pass time, but life just feels on hold for me right now. It kind of takes away your energy and motivation to actually start some project. I need to find a way to push myself more. To just do.

Next week I'm having a CT scan. It will show if and how much the chemotherapy has reduced the malignant parts of the tumors.

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