Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where is my hair?!

A week ago I decided to shave my head. I didn't want to wait until the hair started to fall off. I didn't like the old clipper I had which lying around for a long time, and wasn't working well, so I bought a new one. I didn't shave my head all the way, just a buzz cut without a number, not with a razor. A few days ago I noticed that my hair, in other areas of the body, started falling off with an easy pull. Kinda weird. I wonder how much hair will fall off, and where. I wonder how smooth my body will be. Will the hair in my eyebrows fall off too? That would be freaky.

Although I thought about it in the pass, I decided not to buy a console to play with. I used to play Madden 2005 on a PS2 at one of my friends' place for hours upon hours, so I figured that if I buy one for myself I would be playing all day all night all the time. Not a good idea while in school. But now I took time off school, and I'm not working either, so I have a lot of free time. I wanted to buy an Xbox since some of my friends have one, so that would have made it easier to play each other online. However my brother who currently lives in NYC, and soon is moving to Cali has an Xbox. Plus, he won another one for his app Play The Hunt. If you have a Windows Phone you should check it out. So instead of an Xbox, I bought a PlayStation 3. I also remembered that I actually liked the PS controllers better than the Xbox because they are smaller, so it was all good. I don't play too many games. Mostly just Madden and Fifa, so I bought the 2012 versions of both. I bought the Fifa at a store near my house, so I could play right away, and I ordered the Madden from Amazon. I had a $30 gift card, so it came down to only $15. The two games that came free with the PS3 didn't interest me, and I didn't want to open them in case I wasn't happy with the PS3, and wanted to return it. They told me I would have to pay for the games if I opened, and wanted to return the PS3 which is kind of messed up. What's the point of giving me free games, if I can try them with the PS3?! The two games are Killzone 3 and God of War collection which includes 1 & 2. My brother suggested I sign up for GameFly. It is like Netflix, there is a monthly fee, and you can rent games. So I decided to sign up for it. I'll probably use it for 3-4 months, try some games, and then buy the ones I like online. Games that don't have squads, like the Fifa or Madden, I don't have to buy the newest version. If I buy the version just before the newest, the prices drop to less than $20. Anyways, GameFly is a great way to explore games before you buy them since you cannot return games if you open them. If you are considering signing up, please sign up through this link you will get a free month, and you will give me a free month too (nothing wrong with taking a little advantage of my blog right?!).

I'm also trying to learn how to knit. My ima is teaching me. I'm going to start with something basic that I like anyways - a scarf. So far I've just been practicing. I think I got the hang of it. The main difficulty is how the hold the knitting-needles.

I also like to paint using acrylic paint on canvases, so I painted one painting the other day. Came out pretty nice. I will try to post some pictures of this last one as well as the ones I did about a year ago by the end of the week.

I've been feeling pretty good overall. Not feeling much pain. I might lower the dose for the pain medicine, or just wait for the second round of chemo to see what the doctors say. Energy is a little low probably because I'm not sleeping full nights, but I always had sleeping issues. I have severe sleep apnea. So severe that the doctor don't know how I stay up during the day. I guess it has been this way since I was very young, and somehow I got used to it. I adapted to the severity, and can manage. Though it might be affecting my ability to focus when I'm trying to read things like for school work. I have hard time falling asleep mostly because I cannot stop thinking. Although I've been able to fall a sleep by midnight most of the days in the past two weeks, right now it is 3am. In away I could say I'm back to normal, my normal hours. Second round of chemo is this coming Monday. It hasn't even been two weeks since I finished with the first round, but it feels like way more. I got to find more things to do with my days.


  1. Not an easy time. The game console sounds like a good idea for passing the time, though. And writing, as you are here.

  2. Yes, game console is a good idea to spend some time. I haven't connected my system to the internet yet. Once I do I will be able to play online against real people which makes it a lot more fun.