Thursday, May 3, 2012

My blog is circling.

It's nice and heart warming knowing my blog is circling around. I'm almost at 1000 views. I'm getting great feedback on the streets (was getting when I was in the kibbutz two weeks ago). I tend to be modest, and so I'm not always good with getting compliments. I don't make as big of deal as others seem to make from the things I do.

I hope the circles get wider everyday, I hope to reach more and more people all across the globe. I truly believe my life and my stories can inspire and motivate people. That, I think, has been my dream for some time. To inspire and motivate people. To be someone like Tony Robbins, maybe more on the down-low, more personal one-on-one. I haven't listen to too much of his material, just some free clips here and there, and I strongly feel that because of my life story, my experiences, and my looks, I can be successful in this field and help others. I can in my own way help people put things in perspective for people, and I don't think anyone would be able to tell me I'm a hypocrite.

It's day 4 of chemo. It's getting tough. Yesterday was the toughest so far. I had fever, and had nausea for long hours. Today was better. I am getting lots of medications to help with all the side effects. Still, just having to be in the hospital is very exhausting and tiring. Tomorrow, if I have no fever, I should be on my way home around 6pm. Then back the next day to get a shot to boost the white blood cells. I think just being home will already make me feel better. My own bed. No nurses coming in every hour to check something else, no peeing in some measuring pitcher (really annoying). I will be off for two weeks, probably relaxing at home. Thinking a little ahead, 5 more rounds of this... it's going to be hard.


  1. Hi Ilan,

    I know you are perfectionist so I just wanted to state that you wrote I'ts instead of It's....
    On a different note: You are doing great! keep fighting! I'm sure you can win this round, and the next 5!

  2. argh!, nice catch. I was probably tired. Thanks for your support!!