Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let's go for a walk

A month from now, on Saturday June 16, the 2nd annual San Jose NF 5K walk will be held. I would love to see you there to support my NF family and I. You have no idea what your support can do to us. Do not take it lightly. You DO make a difference by showing up. June 16 is summer time, and it should be a nice sunny day. The walk will be held at Vasona Lake County Park in San Jose. It's a an amazing park with a beautiful lake. You will have a great time. You will enjoy a nice short walk in the park (5K isn't too long...). AND you will be doing this all for an amazing cause.

There will be young children dealing with Neurofibromatosis walking that day, and the more people they see the better they will feel. Imagine yourself as a 5 year old having to live with this harsh disease. Then coming to this walk, and seeing lots of people walking to raise awareness for your disease, walking to support you. These children don't have to know you personally. Just seeing the amount of people at the walk will do them good. I promise you they will be super excited, and the more of you show up the more joyful they will be. I can see it now. It will not only impact that sunny Saturday on June 16th for them, it will impact the coming week, the coming month, and more. This walk is not only about raising awareness, but about energizing these kids, so they will be hopeful, and have what it takes to fight their battles with Neurofibromatosis.

You can give everything I just said SIMPLY by coming down to the park for 3-4 hours. It is also a great exercise for you. Everybody wins! And if you know me personally I really hope you will make this small effort, and come show your support to me. I don't like to beg, but it will mean a lot to see you there.

You can join my team by pressing here, then press "Join Our Team" under the wording "EVERY STEP MAKES A DIFFERENCE."

The address of the park: Vasona Lake County Park. 333 Blossom Hill Rd. Los Gatos, CA 95032. The event will be at the Circle Group site. It's a huge park. Just make sure to come to the main entrance, and there will be signs.

Check-in for the event is at 9:30am, and the walk starts at 10:30am. Registration is only $20.
Also, since the event is, I believe, run mostly if not completely by volunteers, the registration fees go towards research to find a cure for NF. Refreshments will be provided, and there will be a raffle, face-painting, and fun activities!!

There are some great prizes at the raffle. Last year 6 amazing people and friends of mine showed up, and I believe we won most of the prizes. Percentage-wise, as a team, we probably ruled other teams. Not that it is a race, but your luck will be with the right team.

Donations are also a great way to support the NF family. You can help me reach my fundraising goal here. Although donations are greatly appreciated, it is through these walks where we, the NF family, see, feel, and need your support.


  1. Hi Ilan,
    This is Dan, down in LA. I have been reading your blog, to which I just got connected today. I'm really glad you are writing it, since it really does let us know how you are engaging and battling your Neurofibromatosis. It is also a very well written blog. And you're correct; as you posted in an earlier blog, these are easy to start and difficult to maintain. But yours is great. Your photographs are also great. I didn't know you are such a cuisine connoisseur! Give my love to your Mom and Dad.

  2. haha! yes Dan I guess I'm quite the connoisseur. Thanks for the kind words, and for reading. Send my love to Babli and Rahul.