Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good Karma

I needed to make room in the garage for some of the stuff I'm leaving behind when I move to Israel, so on the day before yesterday I posted a bunch of ads on Craigslist for stuff I wanted to get rid of. A few of the ads were for free stuff. After I finished posting the ads I went to see a movie with my ima. Checking my cell after the movie I noticed over 50 unread emails waiting for me. Most of them asking about some of the free stuff.

Yesterday I uploaded some of that stuff to my car, and met with people at a Starbucks. I gave away some old tennis balls for a guy who has a dog that loves to chew on some balls, and I gave some stackable plastic drawer to an Asian guy who I think just moved to the area. For the ad about these drawers I received over 30 emails alone!! I quickly deleted the ad so it won't flood my inbox with more people interested in these drawers.

Funny thing was that these two guys came at the same time. One guy called me when he was outside, and then immediately after I had a call waiting. I saw them talking to each other when I stepped outside, so I think they both thought the other was me.

Before these two came by, a different older-man dropped by to grab an old HP printer that was laying in the garage for a while. It sounded as he is having a rough time financially wise since he said he didn't have a cell phone to call me when he arrives. He said he will just step in, look around, and he is easy to spot. I couldn't really concentrate on my readings and writings as I was waiting for him to come by. He said he lives close to the Starbucks I was at, and sure enough I don't think I waited too long.

Lastly came a guy who sadly was laid off around Thanksgiving this year (damn CEOs wanting more money for themselves...). He took an old Dell computer I had that I bought around 2004. It had everything but a hard drive. I even found some CDs with the drivers that came with that computer. It was so old it still had a floppy disk. He felt like giving me something in return. I didn't catch exactly how he got it, but he offered me some cans of beans and some rice bags. I politely rejected his offer explaining that I'm moving away, and trying to get rid of stuff, not acquire more stuff I'll have to carry.

Before dinner yesterday, I posted another ad for some cradle swinger combination, and within less than 30 minutes 10 people emailed to ask about it. I will probably give it away today. I also have an old Sony tube monitor I might give today as well. I was suppose to give it yesterday to some guy. I wasn't sure if he could make it at the time I scheduled with the other guys, but I loaded it to the car anyways just in case.

It feels great to give people things for free. I also love to recycle, and believe we all should try to do our best to recycle everything possible. It really does not take much of your time or effort to recycle. I recycle every little piece of paper that I can. If it's mail, or some small piece of notes. Global warming is real you awesome-readers and supporters of mine, and we all should try to avoid filling up more and more landfield sites with our trash.

Only one person emailed me about an ad for something I'm trying to sell. People, of course, love free stuff. Some because they just love free, but a lot also because they, sadly, are broke. Either way I was happy to help out some fellow human beings. On the way back home I stopped by a 7-11 and bought me a scratcher, hmm thanks karma...

ho ho ho, now in the dark I glow
(white beard - a side effect from the chemo medication).

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