Friday, September 21, 2012


I saw the surgeon, and like I anticipated, he said he doesn't want to operate at all. There are too many main blood vessels involved. Which made me think that even if the tumor is clean of malignant parts, it could still cause some serious damages. Instead of a surgery, I will probably go on this medicine called Pazopanib which is supposed to keep killing the cancerous cells. But before all that I'm flying to Israel to visit family and friends.

I went to see the team to beat, also known as the 49ers, take down the Lions on Sunday night with my brother. We had a good time. Alex Smith looked solid. If he keeps it up, he will earn the MVP. Next day, at a supermarket 5 minutes from my place, Vernon Davis was promoting... well I don't really remember I was excited to see and get an autograph from #85 (I think it might have been some chocolate milk drink).

pretty nice view right? (during pregame)

with 49ers TE Vernon Davis

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