Tuesday, August 28, 2012


In these two videos below of the Griff Williams Show my ima's uncle, Wolfgang Neuman, is playing. He is the violinist on the far left (first row). You can see him and the other two violinists really put it on in the second video.

Wolfgang was an amazing person, smart and talented, with many fascinating stories. Unfortunately, back when he would visit us in the kibbutz, I was a lot younger. I didn't have much patience for stories, and my English wasn't too good either.

He once gave me a note in English saying "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Now how fitting this great quote by Friedrich Nietzsche for me in these days huh?! My ima kept this note, but it is back in Israel. I wish I could scan it, and share here with all of you.

Wolfgang passed away a few years ago at the amazing age of 92!

I'd like to send a shutout to my grandma back in Israel who, on the 31st of this month, will be 90 years old!! By the Hebrew calendar she is already 90. And today they threw her a huge party at the hospital where she still volunteers! Her body is starting to fall apart, but she is still sharp as a tack! Mazal Tov Savta.

My grandpa on my father's side was 88 when he passed away, and his sister was 92. That's a nice average for our family. Looks like I'm sticking around for a while...

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