Thursday, August 9, 2012

Windows Phone Apps

I've been stuck on one post idea. I'm still working on it, well maybe not, if I was I'd probably finished it by now. I forgot I said I would blog about anything, so here are some apps I use and like. These are Windows Phone apps, they might be available on other Android or iPhone as well, but why don't you have a Windows Phone yet?

Play The Hunt - A fun game to play with friends and family. If you are on a vacation or just going on a day trip.
Gas Buddy - Find gas stations near you. You can sort by price or distance.
Package Tracker - Track you packages. Get live updates about where are your packages.
Key Ring - Instead of carrying all those store cards. Key Ring makes the wallet lighter.
Notes - A simple app to type your thoughts and what not. You can then easily email the note. If you don't feel like typing you can record yourself with The Listener. I couldn't find one simple light app with both of these options.
Flixster - Find out movies showtimes near you and much more. Very nice design.
ESPN Score Center - This app lets you choose which teams you want to see score updates.
4th & Mayor - Check in to places. I mainly used it for restaurants because they have promos and deals like a free appetizer.
TuneIn Radio - Listen to radio stations from around the world. Lots of options. You should be able to find your favorite stations from back home.
Logic Games - Over 1800 puzzles. Some are similar to Sudoku, but there are lots of other fun and challenging ones. I've literally spent hours upon hours solving puzzles.
Some other games I play or played Football Kicks, and two more fun logic games. Bump Out, and Blocked In.

All my eyelashes are gone, and eyebrows are almost completely hairless.

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