Thursday, August 9, 2012


I used to tie my shoes using the two loops method, that was back when I was a youngster. Then one day I started using the one loop method, it is way easier and faster.

I find that it's better to underline/circle/highlight with pink rather than red (just two colors I had on my desk). Pink is more pleasant, and welcoming.

Do you remember when you choose to be straight? No right?! That's just how you remember yourself, same things with gays. Gays should be allowed to marry period. Enough with this discrimination. It feels like Americans love to hate. I'm not good with history, but I know Japaneses where discriminated, Irish, Jews, and of course women and blacks too. So now that all those have equal rights supposedly, gotta pick on someone else... 
Think of all the money that letting gay marry will generate: weddings, parties, divorces, lawyers...

Hugs - "Any way you want it." Try out one of these awesome bean bags by Hugs. They offer free delivery. They are made in the US, so you're helping the economy more. And they are comfy. Check this video to see all the shapes and positions you can make with these great bean bags.

Can you feel it? NFL season is around the corner

”A man once told the Buddha, ‘I want happiness’. The Buddha said remove the ‘I’ that’s ego, now remove the ‘want’ that’s desire, now all you are left with is, Happiness.”

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